Obligatory sinking ship reference

In what appears to be a relatively slow news day, Dev Óg has announced that nothing is happening.  He’s staying in Fianna Fáil, the party founded by his grandfather, and sure it’s the only party for him, and no descendant of Dev would ever contemplate leaving the party anyway, would they?  (Don’t mention Síle’s little spat).

It’s an odd thing about this feudal democratic form of government we have, that this sort of announcement would even make the news.  What it amounts to is that Dev Óg counted his supporters over the weekend, did the maths, and figured out he’d A) stay in and lose out in any  potential leadership challenge; or B) leave, found his own party, and end up as the leader of the third largest opposition party in the Dáil – the fourth largest if you count the technical group.  So he picked option C – do nothing.

Which appears to be exactly what he did at the cabinet table up until last year, from when the financial and economic crisis was first mooted until the day his party gave away our economic sovereignty.  So no change there, then.


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