Politician in “Cynicism in campaign” shock

I still don’t know how to vote in the Fiscal/Stability/Austerity Treaty.  Both sides are being directly contradictory of each other – which is fair enough, it’s what usually happens in a referendum.  But the treaty is complex and the headline points being advertised by both sides require further reading.

Spokespersons from both camps(*) have made some very good points – it’s just really a case of guessing which of them will be proven to have been correct, one, three or five years down the line.

An exception – Paul Murphy, the Socialist Party MEP.  His posters say “Reject home and water taxes. Vote No.”


What, a majority vote ‘no’ to the treaty, and the household charge will be rescinded?  The plans for water meters will be shelved?  My arse they will.  The country will still be broke and will still need to pursue higher taxes/lower expenditure for many years, at least until its budgets are somewhat more balanced.  We all know this.  So don’t pretend otherwise on your posters, in the hopes of attracting a few more votes from people who haven’t the time, energy or interest to educate themselves further on the matter.  There are plenty of genuine reasons to promote a no vote without resorting to such dis-ingenuousness.

It’s bullshit like this that may actually get me to make up my mind – and vote for the side that isn’t resorting to such cynical tricks.

(*)  Apart, of course, from Enda.  Where is our Taoiseach?  Why is he not participating in any debates?


2 thoughts on “Politician in “Cynicism in campaign” shock

  1. I’m against the treaty. Unfortunately, most of the ‘no’ posters I’ve seen, will, in my opinion, do more to promote a yes vote than an no vote. ‘Vote no for a socialist Europe’? How many people do they think want a socialist Europe? A lot of people are going to vote against the socialists, Sinn Fein, Libertas and so on. Bah.

    • I have, on one occasion at least, voted in favour of a referendum based on who was campaigning for a no vote. I won’t be doing it this time, but lots of others will.

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