Google was wrong. But they listened!

After the obligatory “Hello world!” post, my first blog entry was a minirant about how Google Maps was, for Ireland, a bit of a mish mash.  A Ballsbridge here, a Droichead na Dothra there;  a South Anne Street here, a Ranelagh there.  Irish and English mixed, and townlands used where nobody uses townlands.

Well, fair play to the folks at Google – I gave them feedback, and they fixed things.  The Gotham Café is now back in South Anne St, newly moved in from Ranelagh.  The National Library of Ireland was moved overnight from Ballsbridge, back to Kildare Street.

Some Dublin streets have both English and Irish names on them – which still might be confusing for visitors or immigrants, but should work for satnavs and smartphones.  I’ve not checked the country yet, but hopefully Google’s good sense rubs off on some of our government departments and they put up roadsigns to Dingle again…


3 thoughts on “Google was wrong. But they listened!

  1. Wow. Well done. How did you highlight the mistakes on the map? The map of where I live is so inccorect that I really don’t know where to start with corrections. (someone drove into our estate yesterday looking for an estate that was miles away because it showed up on the wrong place on google maps.)

    • I may have commented once or twice on posts by the Google Maps account on G+, but on a couple of occasions I used the ‘Send us feedback’ link on Maps itself. I’m not surprised it was fixed, but I was a little surprised at the relative speed of correction.

      Next job is to get them to improve the Android Navigation app – hopefully to include a “If the road has grass growing the middle, don’t send me on it in a car” option… *shudder* I used it today to get from Greystones to Kilmacanogue. We got there in one piece, but I think we got passed by Nazgul seeking a hobbit at one point…

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