How to save €300 million: #2 in an occasional series

3. Stop making websites – or better yet, do them in-house.  The new eTenders site is an ugly, unintuitive godawful mess of a website, but assuming you manage to navigate it properly, you can find that last year, the public service published 49 requests for tenders for website design/redesign or redevelopment.  Not counting tenders that were about web security or filtering.  Or the three separate tenders about “Web surveys and habitat assessment for the Marsh Fritillary“… which I’m sure is an important project.

Minimum cost – let’s say €10,000 per tender.  Yes, I know, some will be a lot cheaper than that.  But don’t forget the labour cost in writing, publishing, evaluating, and providing feedback on those tenders.  Double that cost if you’re using the National Procurement Service’s procurement templates, which weighs in at 50 pages, minimum, no matter what you’re procuring.

And some will be a lot dearer.

Like the EU 2013 Presidency website, for example. €249,000 for a website lasting six months.  Really.  A quarter of a million, for a temporary website.

Oddly, that particular tender didn’t show for me on the eTenders site.  I must not be using the search engine correctly.  (Speaking of search – a couple of tenders are looking for search functionality to be added to their websites.  What’s wrong with Google?  I mean – really – why pay for something when there’s an excellent free alternative).

Some other people were talking about this a while back, too.

So, yeah – stop redeveloping websites, especially at extortionate prices.  Recruit five web developers from withing the public service, and have a central unit doing all of the public service’s websites.  Admin done centrally by CMOD.  Add in a couple of Jobbridge interns, too.

Savings: €490,000 for 49 websites, plus €250,000 for the EU website:  feck it, let’s call it €750,000.  Cost of five web developers: say, €50k apiece.  Saving to do everything in-house:  €500,000.

Running total: €6,086,180.


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