#kenringwatch results for March.

Overall it’s been a relatively quiet month, weather-wise. Eircom, up to this week, still had about 4,000 homes still without phone lines after the storms that Ken Ring didn’t predict last month, there was a 2.2 magnitude earthquake that nobody cares about Ken predicting or not, and there were some rather spectacular lenticular clouds.

Lenticular "UFO" clouds were widespread on 15th March. Photo Tricia Long/Irish Weather Online
Lenticular “UFO” clouds were widespread on 15th March. Photo Tricia Long/Irish Weather Online

Ken Ring’s predictions for March finished yesterday (unless, of course, you pay for his almanac, which has predictions for every day of the year and which he promises is approximately 85% accurate).  The predictions were:

12. March 3rd to 7th, possible light snow flurries in midlands
13. Same around 19th and 20th

I can find no evidence of snow around the 3rd to 7th March, in the midlands or elsewhere. Misty, foggy, showery, sunny spells – the usual, pretty much – but quite mild for the most part.

Yesterday, the 21st March, started out lovely and sunny and got progressively worse.  As I drove to Dublin in absolute lashings of rain, bemused at the number of people who don’t think to put on lights while driving in severely reduced visibility, the radio reported sleet in Achill – and snow in Donegal!

No snow in the midlands, no snow on the 19th or 20th, but in the comments on earlier posts, Ken complains that I’m taking him too literally and his predictions actually mean possibly a day or two to either side (which is kind of opposite to the purpose of an almanac promising 85% accuracy per day…) – so in deference to Ken, we’ll give him a point for prediction #13.

March:One for two.
Total:Three out of ten.


2 thoughts on “#kenringwatch results for March.

  1. Well I’ve tried to post a reply to Ken’s post this morning but blog times out. Could be because it’s a BIG reply! Can i send it to you offline via email and maybe you could upload on my behalf?

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