#kenringwatch results for April

Your friendly local #kenringwatch correspondent has finally cracked it.  Ken Ring? He’s Ned bloody Stark!  It’s the only logical explanation.

Ken Ring is coming!

“February? Snowy! March: snow! April? It’ll snow. May’s gonna have snow!”

Ken, like Ned Stark, is all about the “Winter is coming!” this year, and has predicted snow for the first five months of the year. Like the doubting Southerners of Westeros, I’ve gone “Pshaw!” and mostly been right.  Maybe Ken will be proven right next month.  Because unfortunately he didn’t manage it this month, either.

Our predictions for April were:

14. Subzero(!) temperatures finish around April 19th
15. Snow 22nd April

On April 19th, we got invaded by Wildlings from north of the wall!  Well, north of the Bull Wall.  And they weren’t Wildlings, they were Vikings!  The 1000th anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf was on Wednesday 23rd, and there was a re-enactment of the battle in St. Anne’s Park in Raheny on April 19th (subzero temperatures).

There are some rather awesome photos of the event here and here and especially here!

As you can tell from those photos – there was no snow.

I got sunburnt.

April 22nd?  The week as a whole, including yesterday was sunny, mild, with the odd shower. Or extremely wet and windy, if you were in Cork yesterday.  But no snow. Winter is still coming.

April: Zero for two.
Total:Three out of twelve.



3 thoughts on “#kenringwatch results for April

  1. Why lie? Is it jus too distasteful to give credit where due? Is the disappointment that I might be accurate too painful to bear? I have never said snow for the first five months of thisyear. That is silly. Sounds like you need to lie to give yourself kudos.
    Here’s what I did say:(direct copy and paste from p35 of the Ireland Weather Almanac for 2014:)
    “WINTER: Average rainfall, average sunshine, average temperatures
    A fairly typical winter is likely, with temperatures within half a degree of normal almost everywhere, but still colder than recently milder winters. Nevertheless, less-than-average days with snow, are expected in southern parts, while up to 15 and 23 snow days across winter may come to the north, about 25% more than the average. Precipitation may be below average in the west, fairly average to the north, but above average elsewhere and particularly in the southwest and southeast, where flooding may be a factor between the 8th and 24th of January. The sunniest parts may be in the southeast and southwest, particularly around Cork to Kilkenny and Tralee to Killarney”
    Now, where do you read of snow in April? A couple of frosts, yes, and they came on cue..

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