#kenringwatch results for May

I should have written about the local and European elections. I should have written about the Tuam babies outrage – and the lack of coverage in the traditional media about the issue.  I should have written about a lot of things – but I’ve been busy, and lazy, and busy again. Apologies.  Must try harder.

And instead I find myself writing about Ken Ring again. We last heard from Ken when I posted the April results, where he accused me of lying. He’s not been back yet to retract, or apologise.  Oh well. I didn’t lose any sleep over it.

He’s back in the news again. Denis O’Brien’s newspaper published an unchallenged puff piece on Tuesday.  The predictions listed largely agree with what he’s published or said elsewhere.  And apparently Ken “collects regular data from several weather monitoring stations which he has positioned around Ireland.”  Selling the old almanacs must be lucrative, so – I just have to rely on the daily data collections published on Met Éireann.

The Irish Times followed that up with a piece on Thursday – though as that article talks about a seemingly upcoming appearance on The Saturday Night Show (the season is long over) and Evelyn Cusack’s attack on long range weather prediction quacks, from December, it’s possible the “paper of record” was too busy not writing about the Tuam Babies to come up with a new piece, and just regurgitated something.

So Ken – who predicts that 80% of earthquakes take place in 80% of the month – how did we do in May?

16. Lots of sun, 14th to 20th/21st (1)
17. Snow 30th May (1)
18. 3rd week of may, very cold (subzero?) temperatures (1)

Using my er, Met Éireann’s nationwide network of weather stations, handily compiled into a report, we find:

“Sunshine totals were all below average with percentage of LTA values and total sunshine hours ranging from 56% and
98.7 hours at Knock Airport, its dullest on record since the station opened in 1996 to 91% and 173.0 hours at Belmullet.
Casement Aerodrome reported 61% of its LTA with 112.7 hours and its dullest May on record since the station opened
in 1964 (50 years). The month’s sunniest day was recorded at Belmullet on the 28th with 15.5 hours, equalling its
sunniest May day on record since 1957 (57 years). The number of dull days (less than 0.5 hours of sun.”

The 14th to 21st was average for the month (i.e., dull) – the last week was the sunniest.

Snow on the 30th? Just lol.

3rd week of May the coldest? The chart for max temperatures shows us that the highest temperature in the month occurred in the third week. The first, second, and fourth weeks seem coldest, according to the chart, with the third week being the second-warmest.

So, not a good month for Ken.

May: Zero for three.

Total: Three out of fifteen.

That’s down to 20% accuracy.