I know, I know, I haven’t posted in ages. Sorry. Life has been busy, and then there were holidays, and then there were distractions…

This weekend, I’ll be updating with not one, not two, but <em>three</em> months’ worth of #kenringwatch!

Speaking of dodgy pseudoscience, Dublin City Council had at least one (if not two) motions calling for the banning of water fluoridation, on the agenda of tonight’s Council meeting. Thankfully the motions weren’t reached, so they’re kicked to touch for another future meeting.

Jen ‘Buffy’ Keane explains much better than I can why the anti-fluoridation campaign (led by angel healers and homeopaths!) is bunkum. Please get in touch with your councillors before the next meeting, and ask them to vote to retain what the World Health Organisation describe as one of the ten best public health initiatives of the 20th century.


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