I was envouchered for Christmas, and so burdened, I went to “the sales” on my way home. An assistant in a branch of HMV, which used to be a record shop, took my purchases (three DVDs). As she had with the previous three customers, she asked if it was ok if she owed me a cent, as she was out. She works for the multinational, I figured, and she was already ahead by a cent. So I declined.

Still no music, so I went to Easons, which used to be a bookshop, and bought a t-shirt, and two CDs. Lou Reed’s Transformer, was one, on the advice of Ian Dempsey. He’d played the album in full on the radio recently, and it was sublime.

Lou Reed - Transformer

Lou Reed – Transformer

A colleague, years ago, had given me a ripped copy of classic Ennio Morricone tracks, which I lost some time later, and miss. So I also bought a two-CD Morricone compilation.

Remember, home taping is killing music. Or something.

Y’know, it’s funny. Seven versions of Windows later (I’m not on 8, or 8.1, and won’t be), they’ve still not figured out how to make an intelligent CD drawer.  Put in a new CD and it still throws up that little box asking what you want to do, even if your music program is ready and waiting for disc 2 of 2.

#kenringwatch results for December, and the year as a whole, soon…