10 Questions the media might ask President of Renua, Eddie Hobbs (but probably wont)

Eleven very relevant questions…

Brian M. Lucey

  1. How much money was lost by investors in the cape verde holiday home debacle?
  2. How much money has he earned from work for the public sector broadcaster RTE?
  3. Does he still believe that the female dominated teachers unions voted as they did on the Haddington Road agreement because it was their time of the month?
  4. Does he have any moral qualms about investing in repossessed property in Detroit?
  5. Will he be engaging in similar vulture fund activities in Ireland?
  6. Does he share the views of Billy Timmons, the deputy leader of Renua, that rough sleeping should be made illegal?
  7. Are there any other sectors of the economy, apart from public sector workers, who should see a wages freeze?
  8. Given he is now a public figure and president of a political party with representatives in the national parliament, will he provide a full accounting of all investments and debts he…

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