Seems I’m not the only person who has been doing a #kenringwatch – the Clare People newspaper has been keeping an eye on the Kiwi cointosser too.  No link to the story (not been able to find the article online) but it merits three minutes of Neil Delamere’s time on the Anton Savage Show, here (starting at 55:30). Ouch.


15 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Ah I’m sure there was “potential”!!! ;). Must try and see if I can get a copy of that paper edition from the outlaws!!! Glad someone else is showing these forecasts up for what they are…..

  2. Ring’s well known as a complete charlatan in NZ. His forecasts of both weather and earthquakes are ludicrous. He’s less accurate than a coin toss.

    • ‘Geeza’ is a well known troublemaker in NZ and a cyber bully from way back. At the time of my successful warnings of the NZ earthquakes he and a couple of his equally sad-case academic mates were openly responsible for creating anti-Ken Ring websites and bogus ken Ring personnas. In fact my NZ weather almanac continues to sell well after 14 years, my Australian clientele bring me over to Australia 6-8 times per year and I have just returned from a successful road show there, I am still (after 8 years) longrange consultant for the Seven Network (Australia’s largest TV channel), and my Ireland almanacs always sell well or we would discontinue them. People do not have to read my work. But to make oneself read it having a prior skeptic bias says more about the intelligence of that reader than about my products.

      • Graham, yes it was a train wreck for the global warmer on the other side of the debate. Channel Seven liked what I did, which was why they put him and me in the same frame. And yet you only quote from an article written by a guy who is a declared climate change alarmist. Good one!
        But more than that, your journo talks about my humour book as if that is fact! Penguin got the joke, which is why they commissioned me to contribute way back in 1991, but the journo and you are still waiting for your brains to understand the joke.
        Even more than that, you pick an interview that is 5 years old, out of all those I have done and the many since, to try to prove a lame point. You’d have to say I’m doing amazingly well then, if that is all you can come up with!.

      • That’s my point Ken, I had to go back to 2011 to find a channel 7 interview with you. It’s been so long I suspect your assertion you have some kind of current deal with them is in fact a lie. Just as you can’t claim any connection to the Farming Show after your spectacular drought fail. They were a bit slow off the blocks but they eventually worked out that it was all a scam. In fact anyone who compares what you say to reality soon finds out how useless your meteoastrology is. And good on Clare People for checking. Reality is not your friend is it Ken?
        Sadly there are enough gullible people out there who are too lazy or stupid to check what you say that it keeps you in business. Just don’t be surprised when you get called out on it.

    • Aww, come on Ken, that’s utterly false. I’ve never created any anti-Ken Ring website or any fake Ken Ring persona.

      All I’ve ever done is analyse and comment on some of your incorrect weather Twitter tweets and your weekly Yahoo NZ News articles before they were discontinued. Those were chock full of absurd, scientifically illiterate and at times patently incorrect claims and I and a number of others regularly called you out on these.

      If your almanacs are still selling well, as you claim, the poor deluded fools who buy them must not be bothering to check how accurate they are. You know full well that anybody who has bothered to track your accuracy in NZ has very quickly established your predictions/forecasts/opinions/potentials (all the terms you have used to “explain” what it is you provide) are freaking worthless.

      Are some of those farmers in Ireland who buy your almanac among those who you told the Sillybeliefs.com website “can’t even read or write”, so presumably must get someone else to read the bloody things out to them?

  3. It is true. You have a hate-agenda. I have never publicly attacked you, but you have set out to denigrate me in all public ways you can. That makes you one sick individual. There is nothing wrong with alternative theories, alternative opinions, alternative medicine, alternative music and alternative weather. I suggest you try to live your own life and leave people you disagree with alone. It is the western way.
    You don’t have to read my work, but many do, and many media choose to interview me. I have gotten the Ireland weather very correct this year so far, with August the wettest as I warned of, a warm autumn and they are facing a mild winter. I have received many complimentary emails and my free newsletter membership is approaching 12000.
    To tell everyone what to think, what not to buy, what not to believe is the fascist way of the intolerant silly beliefs website to which you are a major contributor. Of course farmers can read and write, but quote me out of context if you dream it wins you points. You are well known for complaining about every nonmainstream business under the sun, but especially targeting people who have beliefs that come from other cultures. Shame on you.
    Be a fanatical critic of what you don’t remotely understand if you so choose and you might wish to go and support the other fundamentalist groups around the world who are forcing their authoritarian ideas down people’s throats. Good luck on that one. The world went to war with Germany over that very issue 75 years ago. By the way, the world won.

  4. I am not a major contributor to the Sillybeliefs website (though I do read it from time to time and have made a couple of small comments some years back). Nor am I well known for complaining about every non-mainstream business under the sun, or for targeting people who have beliefs from other cultures. It’s just you who interests me.

    What really only matters though, Ken, is whether your weather forecasts are accurate enough, often enough, to be credible, isn’t it?

    No doubt, with your high degree of vagueness, and if you follow your usual approach of multiple differing predictions in your almanacs, website articles, twitter feed, and newsletters, you will go on to complain that where this site says you got it wrong, you in fact made another statement somewhere else that was actually right. Whatever.

    Sadly, as you know, people in media often publish or broadcast ridiculous claims from people like you at face value without ever checking whether they have any foundation in fact or reality. So it’s good to see yet another website where someone is actually tracking & reporting on how their actual weather compared to the forecasts in your almanacs.

  5. 2015 has not been a good year for Ken Ring. He’s been kicked off the farming show for getting the NZ drought so utterly wrong (and for silly earthquake predictions). He’s lost his publishing deal with Random House (next years almanac is only available by mail order on his website or by ordering from Christian Fundamentalist, Conspiracy Theorist, Ian Wishart’s “Investigate” website: http://www.investigatemagazine.co.nz/Investigate/product/pre-order-ken-rings-new-zealand-weather-almanac-2016/), and now some Irish media are actively checking his “predictions/opinions/horoscopes”, and finding them worthless.
    Time to retire Moon Man. Your goose is cooked.

    • Ha haa, nice try. Now we have Jamie, Geeza’s mate and co-conspirator. Soon we’ll have the unwholesome threesome, when the sex-life-of-a-snail “scientist” who thinks snail sex makes one know earthquakes, also comes out of the rotten wood.
      No, I wasn’t kicked off the Farming Show. The host spat the dummy after being called out. All shows were pre recorded. The host asked me about earthquakes, then when I told him he did not edit that out as he could have done if he desired, but instead he used that to declare I had no business talking about them. Duh.
      I did not “lose” to Random House, we had differences and mutually chose the merger to quit the long standing first refusal contract. They are global warmers, publish global warming scam books and would not let me talk about the hoax in my books. They would also not release the book until after Fathers Day, which was plain daft from a marketing point of view.
      I sure am very glad to be with a publisher at last who knows the truth about GW and knows marketing, and sales have never been better. This is a record year for us already. Oh yes, and I was handsomely sponsored this year in Ireland by an international outdoor-products industry. Both they and the marketing firm that negotiated me are very pleased with my work this year. So are the media. So retire? You must be nuts. Why don’t you get a life and do something useful instead of attacking me every 5 minutes? It only brings negative attention to yourself, Jamie Morris.

      • Wow! You’re very forthcoming with your sales info there Ken. Why don’t you get more specific and give us some actual figures? Make them up if you like. It’s ok, we have no way of knowing if they are truth or fantasy 🙂

      • It’s Gezza, not Geeza, Ken. I reckon the stupidest thing you ever did was to start claiming to be able to predict earthquakes as well as weather, based on the same astrological/lunar meaningless mumbo jumbo you keep pathetically trying to pass off as a methodology. Just added to the number of folk who’ve taken the time to properly check you out. Anyway, I’m done here. They’re on to you.

  6. Just read some of the above nonsense from the anti-Ken Ring campaigners. (I had redirected all comments to a Junk folder several months ago as I have better things to do than read senseless personal attacks).
    Actually I am back on the Farming Show after a public outcry, because farmers use my work for their forward planning. http://www.farmingshow.kiwi.nz/shows/farming-first/audio/ken-ring-the-moon-man-is-back-101215/
    And yes, still with Channel 7, I send them monthly reports. I am currently and regularly on the top ranking NZ radio stations, ABC regional radio shows in Australia, and Ireland county radio stations. I have done 3 Skype interviews with RTE, with more pending, and have been invited onto the Saturday Night Show when I reach Ireland.
    I would agree that “they are onto me” but it is for information, which I am always happy to share. The interesting thing is, if anyone doesn’t like what I write, why on earth read it? Doesn’t that say more about that reader? I only write for those who want the information, not the Nazi-style troublemakers that this website seems to disproportionally attract.

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