The diary of an Irishman – just an ordinary, working, middle-aged public servant.

All views expressed are, unless otherwise attributed, entirely my own.

As a public servant, I am precluded from joining a political party, running for office, or expressing political views publically.  Whatever about the first two (other countries manage it without any problems), the latter is pointless, stupid and counter-productive.

This blog will therefore be ignoring that rule, largely because the divide between “politics” and, well, economics, current affairs, and society in general is so slight in this country.  Especially now that I’m paying back loans on behalf of developers that were authorised by bankers that were encouraged by politicians.  No taxation without representation?  Sure.  And no reparation without indignant narration.

TL;DR? Yeah, just another blog.

Contact email: irishmansdiary at gmail dot com


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