Media moratorium?

There seems to be a news blackout on – not the bloody treaty – but the reporting of Newspaper Licensing Ireland’s attempt to charge charities (and possibly others) for linking to newspaper articles via hyperlinks.  First revealed by McGarr Solicitors, acting for Women’s Aid, there are some more developments, but these are reported only in the blogosphere – the story has received no coverage in Irish newspapers to date.  But – maybe because they’re not a client of NLI – the New York Observer has picked it up, so maybe we will eventually see the Irish newspapers publishing a paragraph or two on an NLI EGM where the members told the permanent employees to cop themselves on?


More elements of Irish industry discover 20th century


This time it’s the newspaper industry.

That previous sentence, containing links to six of today’s newspaper stories, just cost me €500.  At least, according to Newspaper Licensing Ireland Ltd. As reported by McGarr Solicitors on their blog, NLI (kind of a newspapery IMRO), wants to charge people – and charities such as Women’s Aid – not for copying content, but for linking to newspaper articles.

Despite the fact that most newspapers include ‘Share’ buttons with every online article – as pointed out in their reply, the Irish Times includes over 300 ways to share each story.