Digital Rights Ireland needs your help

Digital Rights Ireland is a small volunteer organisation dedicated to defending civil, human and legal rights in a digital age.  They are perhaps best known thus far for their participation in the Stop SOPA in Ireland campaign – the attempt to stop Seán Sherlock bringing in the law that Sherlock promised couldn’t and wouldn’t be used to block access to any websites.

So, when the music industry recently brought a court case against Irish ISPs to force them to block access to some websites, Digital Rights Ireland applied to be an amicus curiae (friend of the court) in the case.


Digital Rights Ireland

Digital Rights Ireland

Long story short, the music industry opposed the application, and the one day hearing to determine if DRI could be heard in the case landed them with a legal bill of almost €30,000 (later halved on appeal (which itself cost €1,900!) to €13,700.

(As an aside, how come just about the only “recommendation” of the Troika to not be implemented was reform of the legal profession?!)

So, without help, Digital Rights Ireland could be shut down by the music industry.  These guys are working for every citizen – please don’t let that happen!  You can donate via the links on their site, at


Sign this, if you care about copyright reform

If you haven’t already, you can sign up to the Copyright Reform submission prepared by Stephen Donnelly TD, Catherine Murphy TD and McGarr Solicitors, at

And you really should.

Also, can news please stop happening, so I can stop editing/updating this post!

This would seem an appropriate post to add in the news that ACTA is dead! This site tells the story far better than I can.

Copyright Reform

If you care about copyright reform in Ireland (and it effects you, so you should), then you could do a lot worse than comment or contribute to this joint Copyright Reform submission.  If you happen to not agree with the general thrust of that submission, then there will at some point in the near future be a downloadable version that you can alter to your heart’s content and send as your own submission.